The government has announced that it is launching the International Data Transfer Expert Council (‘the Council‘). The Council, which is part of the UK’s National Data Strategy, will meet quarterly to cover issues such as future data adequacy partnerships, the development of new data transfer tools, and how governments can work together to promote greater trust in sharing personal data for law enforcement and national security purposes.

Following Brexit, the UK is now free to develop its own data protection regime and the government has already set out its vision for extensive changes to the data protection landscape within its  Consultation Paper on Reforms to the UK Data Protection Regime – ‘Data: A New Direction’ and the National Data Strategy, which include proposals to reduce barriers to international data flows.

The Council is made up of a group of experts, including academics and industry leaders, and will provide independent advice to the government on the development of new international data transfer tools and mechanisms and securing new data adequacy partnerships with other countries.  The government has already outlined the first territories which it will prioritise for its data transfer adequacy decisions. These territories will include the United States, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the Dubai International Finance Centre and Colombia. The government has also confirmed that it will prioritise future adequacy decisions with India, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia.

Please get in touch with any member of the UK data protection team if you have any questions or visit our global data transfer webpage.